I'm Weird & That's Okay

If I could spend an afternoon eating pudding with Gandalf the White I would be happy forever. I think that LeSueur Peas cold and straight out of the can taste like tiny green balls of heaven on a spoon.

Writing in blue ink makes me angry, but purple ink is beautiful and makes everything I write fun and important.

I own two copies of The Shawshank Redemption but I have never watched it. I am sure I would love it and I'm not sure what the hold up is.

I think skimming my fingers along the front of my shoulder blades feels like falling in love.

In the past few months I have only listened to podcasts and Muppets Pandora and I have never been happier on my long car rides.

I believe it is magic that Elmer's has a glue that starts out purple and then vanishes.

I know all the state capitals because I took hours and hours to memorize the Animaniac's song which lists them all. This might be my greatest achievement.

None of this has to make sense, I just feel it in my bones.