My First Lead

Tonight is opening night for the first show I am leading in. The rehearsal process has been grueling and educational but whether I am ready or not, tonight the lights come up on me. This is also the first show my mom will not be at.

The whole Von Trapp clan with me scrunched up in the middle

I still remember my very first show, at age six I was Gretel (the youngest Von Trapp child) in the Sound of Music. I can clearly recall my mom in the front row, hands clenched and held up to her face, weeping as I sang, "the sun has gone to bed and so must I". She came to every performance and I even caught her over the years watching the video of it and sobbing saying, "you are so cute, you are SO CUTE!".

My mother was still alive when I was cast in this show, so I got to call her and tell her I had finally gotten a big part. She was so excited and we talked about her trying to be well enough to come to a few performances. I know it was a landmark she wanted to make it to.

I am a performer because of her. She was an actress, a clown, a bright spot entering every room and she knew how to put on a show. Tonight I only hope to make her proud by getting out there, giving it my all and having a blast. Plus, she'll be there in spirit and after the show I will hear her voice saying, "You were wonderful… but it was a little long and the script seems a bit dated, no?"

In the Greenroom with my mom when she was in Barefoot In Athens