Running: 20 Stupid Minutes Straight

Well I did it. I ran for 20 straight minutes no slowing and no stopping (not for lack of wanting to and thinking of "reasons" to). I found that going into it with the mindset that once I started I would be running forever helped. I knew around five minutes in that I still had infinity minutes remaining so I just kept pushing. This was all fine for the first 13 minutes and then the anger set in. My verbal mantra of, "Just keep running, if it was easy everyone would do it" was no longer working, the rage had taken over and I wanted it to be done. What is interesting though is that I was aware that it was entirely mental. I wasn't out of breath, my body didn't have any particular aches and I wasn't nearly tired enough to be quitting, I was just being a giant lady baby.

The final five minutes were grueling. I can say for a fact that no five minutes has ever been longer, it was at least two or three hours.

Yet, here I am on the other side of that run, I lived and I was rewarded with the knowledge that I did it. These thoughts were fleeting though as I realized that my next run was only two days away and I'd have to conquer more.

Why am I doing this again?