I went into my fridge to look for lunch and realized I had a whole container of handmade dumplings from my trip to NYC. It has taken all year, but this is the best moment of 2013 I think. Let me just self-indulge and talk a little bit about the wonder of dumplings. They are dough-y goodness wrapped around meat-y goodness, TAA-DAA!

These dumplings once existed in the world... now they are gone.

Somehow the lack of cheese in this culinary masterpiece does not even matter. I say this because most other things are best with cheese. My standard for something being truly incredible is if it can stand cheese-less (this does not mean that things requiring cheese aren't also great... they just aren't great pre-cheese).

I just sat on my floor to be as close to my coffee table as possible and ate dumplings with a big spoon while watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When life is good, it's so good. Maybe tomorrow to start off the new year right I will one up myself by eating noodles with chopsticks while watching Star Wars. It's the little things.