Thoughts At 2:30- 4

Life is intense huh? Sometimes things happen and it's all bigger than I am equipped for.

Today at 2:30 I am furiously cleaning because that is something I have control over and I need to reclaim my environment in a positive way. I feel truly proud of myself for how I am handling the day.

I recently discovered whipped peanut butter. It is notably better for spreading on apple slices. That is a real source of joy for a lot of people in this world. That and my cat squishing her oversized body into a very tiny box are two of the best things.

I feel a bit better, and I didn't even eat any of that peanut butter today. Just knowing it is there is nice.

Plus cheese; I always have cheese.

Today is going to be brilliant.

When life gives you rainy days, take cute umbrella selfies.