Procrastinating Again

Well I've done it again. I have five days left in the month and 22 posts left to reach my goal. Fear not-- I have a plan! It's going to be a lot of work but I refuse to not accomplish this task. I have never let myself down before when I set these blog objectives and this isn't when I plan to start. I did some fast math and I have to write four posts every day plus one to make it under the wire. I am setting up guidelines for the type of posts each of the four needs to be.

1. A list post- This can be any type of list. It cannot simply be a list with no explanation, I will be sure to insert my cuckoo anecdotes. Also, since I just re-watched High Fidelity for the zillionth time I will honor the format by having each list contain five points.

2. Three things I've learned post- This is what it sounds like, I'm not trying to be vague in the description here. I will choose someone or something that is in my life and write three points of how I have grown and learned from said subject. Some of these will be funny and some will be serious, all will be hopefully insightful and not crappy.

3. Pet post- I own a dog, two cats and a shrimp so one post a day about each of them will get me through four days. On the fifth day I will either write about the group as a whole or branch out to childhood pets, friends pets or pets I wish I had. Let's just say I'll keep it pet related on the last day but the direction is yet to be determined. If people don't like pets or animals as a subject I would say they shouldn't read this one daily, but really that sounds like a personal problem. People who dislike critters should reconsider and read about my super awesome furry friends and how super fun and awesome pets are. I will melt their cold cold hearts one crazy cat lady story at a time.

4. Social media's choice- As with number two, I'm not trying to throw anyone off with the title; this is self explanatory. I will throw it out to the people of the internet to give me topics and I will try and choose some that are outside of my comfort zone. This is everyone's big chance-- this could even start in the comments section below this post!

I'm going to do this, because like many things in my life, I may not have gone about this goal in a conventional or reasonable way, but I will get the damn thing done. Come Halloween I will hit 31 posts. Plus, now I only have 21 left to go.