A Letter of Importance

Dear Boy Scouts of America, I bet you think you've made some progress this week; that's cute. Your wording, that you are now "letting gay scouts in", is a little confusing for me. I would like to take a moment to point out to you that you weren't officially keeping them out before; you were… Continue reading A Letter of Importance

My Mom and The Bee

My mom is the greatest. I know that lots of people say that and we can't all be right, but my mom really is. I think I would even get backed up by many of my friends; anyone who has met her understands. There is a kind of magic about her that makes you feel… Continue reading My Mom and The Bee

An Ode to Allie

Inspiration can be hard to come by at times. The beautiful thing about it though is that when it hits us, it can feel like real world magic. My inspiration for starting this entire blog came from a girl named Allie who writes what I believe to be the best blog on the web. Hyperbole… Continue reading An Ode to Allie

To String or Not To String?

Lately I feel like many of the people I love are turning on me. I'm a good person. The way I choose to eat my string cheese should not change that. A few weeks ago while sitting around with my Improv friends I casually reached into my purse to pull out a tasty mozzarella snack.… Continue reading To String or Not To String?


I'm fighting a nasty cold right now so I should write about something I love to perk up. I friggin love noodles.Whenever I get sick I always want nothing but noodle soup to eat. I'm pretty sure that the consistency of the rice ones that come in Vietnamese Pho soup actually absorb germs, thus curing… Continue reading Noodles

Lunacy in Iced Coffee

The picture I had of my afternoon entailed me sitting by the river outside my apartment with an iced coffee and writing in the sunlight. Yet, as is the case with many things in life, things did not turn out the way I had imagined. The detail of the delicious iced coffee was key to… Continue reading Lunacy in Iced Coffee