This is my face!

Quirky, hoppy, beer fairy and comedienne. Creativity and pasta are my love languages.

Sam & Cheese, The Best Combination!

I am a whirlwind of fun and passion. I have a degree in English which I use strictly to make jokes about having a degree in English. I am currently living in and loving the littlest state, Rhode Island. I had a moment in time where I had a good career in comedy, which I now use as a skill to win party games based on humor. After a bit of a hiatus from writing and a swift kick in the pants, I’m back and quirkier than ever. I feel ready to be back writing a blog that is sometimes really funny, occasionally sad, and always honest. I love the The Muppets, pigeons, adding lemon juice to all meals, my kitties, and owning ALL THE BLANKETS.