What I Did For Love: A Tale Of One Kitty

My cat Pooter is on Prozac for severe anxiety... I could list a whole bunch of reasons why this isn't my fault and some of them might even sound valid, but it's like misbehaving children; it's always the parents fault. Pooter is a fiercely independent cat and I don't say that lightly because he spends… Continue reading What I Did For Love: A Tale Of One Kitty

Life Lessons From A Simple-Minded Dog

My step-father Andy found Ichabod as a puppy while walking through the woods. He was all skin and bones and he was inside of a flipped over pet carrier at the bottom of a ravine. He had clearly been dumped there and left to die. He had scars, all his ribs were showing and he… Continue reading Life Lessons From A Simple-Minded Dog

Pooter Pees

My cat Pooter is very intelligent. I'm sure anyone who has a cat can say the same, as they all tend to be smart in their own way, but I've had cats my whole life and he is by far the smartest. I was hoping he would grow up and use his brains for good… Continue reading Pooter Pees