Sleep It Off

I guess I'm not 18 anymore. I use 18 rather than 21 because at 18 my hangovers were far less frequent and intense than they were by the time it was legal for me to have a hangover. I think maybe 21 is the drinking age because it it just when your body starts to… Continue reading Sleep It Off

Excuses, Excuses

Two weeks since my last post. Don't worry though, I had good reason to abandon this project for so long, fourteen good reasons actually. I shouldn't call them excuses because each rationale was completely legitimate but I'm sure they will come off as me trying to cover my ass, so for the sake of humbling… Continue reading Excuses, Excuses

Things Found In My Backseat

This evening I was going to see Avenue Q with some friends and we decided to carpool as the theatre was about 45 minutes away. When I reached the pickup point I realized to my dismay that my backseat was a mess so I jumped out of my car and started frantically shoving everything into… Continue reading Things Found In My Backseat