Some Needed Inspiration

Three months without a new post?!?! I'm dropping the ball here. It happens this way because after a while the pressure to produce something funny, after so much time has passed, is overwhelming. A week long hiatus is equal to a post that will make you readers chuckle; two weeks needs a least one good… Continue reading Some Needed Inspiration

Sleep It Off

I guess I'm not 18 anymore. I use 18 rather than 21 because at 18 my hangovers were far less frequent and intense than they were by the time it was legal for me to have a hangover. I think maybe 21 is the drinking age because it it just when your body starts to… Continue reading Sleep It Off

Excuses, Excuses

Two weeks since my last post. Don't worry though, I had good reason to abandon this project for so long, fourteen good reasons actually. I shouldn't call them excuses because each rationale was completely legitimate but I'm sure they will come off as me trying to cover my ass, so for the sake of humbling… Continue reading Excuses, Excuses

I’m Just Saying…

Ok, I haven't talked about something on this blog yet because I was nervous that readers would judge me. I can't really get around it anymore because it is a problem that exists and with 325 days left for me to write this year I can't exactly avoid any topic. So I'll just get right… Continue reading I’m Just Saying…

York Peppermint Patties

While we are on the subject of parents and candy, I'm suddenly inspired to reminisce about a candy I consider very influential in my life. My father always had York Peppermint Patties; he would buy the giant dispenser box at wholesale markets and he usually carried a few with him. They were the after meal… Continue reading York Peppermint Patties

The All-American Shopping Cart

Ever since joining weight watchers I find I have a new problem I can't seem to get away from. I judge other people at the grocery store based on what is in their shopping carts... but can you blame me? Have you seen what some people buy?!?! Have you noticed what people don't buy? I… Continue reading The All-American Shopping Cart

The Komen Flop

It all makes perfect sense, stop funding for breast exams because the same people giving the exams are also performing abortions. If we punish the people at Planned Parenthood for their crazy liberal practices we will save the lives of thousands of unborn babies. Who really gives a hoot if thousands of  women go undiagnosed… Continue reading The Komen Flop


Honestly, to all the Facebook users out there, do me a favor... stop with the whining. Remember when the News Feed feature was added and every single one of you complained (IN YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS) that you thought the feature was for stalkers. Now we all spend obscene amounts of time scrolling through and reading… Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes


You all know a few overachievers. Maybe you went to high school with them and now you follow their adventures on Facebook or maybe it's a family member you can't stop hearing about. Either way... don't they piss you off? I think I'm doing a fair amount with my life right now, I write daily… Continue reading Overachievers

Digging For Gold

Someone very wise said to me recently, "It's not a coincidence that our fingers are just the right size to fit in our nose." Truer words have never been spoken. You all pick your nose, at least once in a while, even if you are the type who uses a tissue to avoid direct booger… Continue reading Digging For Gold