Defining a Year

I have a policy about never wishing for time to move faster or complaining about a year and saying, "I'm ready to be done with 2013, can't 2014 just hurry up and get here?" I think each day is a chance for something great and the change of a calendar year will not bring true… Continue reading Defining a Year

Not A Cop Out

I am now writing from my cell phone. It is an interesting process because my typing cannot keep up with my brain. Although I like that the autocorrect feature is speeding up the whole thing. I'll be keeping this short for obvious reasons but so as not to make the entire post seem like a… Continue reading Not A Cop Out

A Choice of Seasoning

I am a big fan of food. I'd call myself a foodie but apparently that has become snobby or taboo to say so I will say instead that I want to eat all the things all the time. This means that I go out to eat a lot and have pretty strong opinions about two… Continue reading A Choice of Seasoning


I am a huge advocate for New Year's resolutions, I think they are a great way to make people feel capable of a fresh start. Sometimes however I find myself getting frustrated with the way people go about their resolutions. This idea of being better is great, but it often doesn't stick and January One… Continue reading Unresolutions


I went into my fridge to look for lunch and realized I had a whole container of handmade dumplings from my trip to NYC. It has taken all year, but this is the best moment of 2013 I think. Let me just self-indulge and talk a little bit about the wonder of dumplings. They are… Continue reading Dumplings!

Running: The Treadmill & Other Gymgoers

I always prefer to run outside, the cold air keeps me from getting sweaty and gross and it always feels like I'm getting somewhere. When there is ice on the ground, I have no other option than to go to the gym. Luckily for me there is a gym in my building that is quite… Continue reading Running: The Treadmill & Other Gymgoers

Yet Another Goal

I keep setting these goals for myself and then scrambling to meet them. When I thought about getting to 58 posts for 2013 I figured I was too far behind now to even consider making it. Then this morning my inbox had my annual report for the year from WordPress and they informed me that… Continue reading Yet Another Goal

Running: 20 Stupid Minutes Straight

Well I did it. I ran for 20 straight minutes no slowing and no stopping (not for lack of wanting to and thinking of "reasons" to). I found that going into it with the mindset that once I started I would be running forever helped. I knew around five minutes in that I still had… Continue reading Running: 20 Stupid Minutes Straight

Emocery Shopping

In college I learned never to go grocery shopping while stoned. Now, just under a decade later I learned a new lesson: don't go grocery shopping while PMSing. My experience was a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. My heightened senses made everything new and intense, suddenly I saw things I'd once overlooked and… Continue reading Emocery Shopping

Running: The 8-Minute Interval

I held onto the five-minute intervals for a while. I kept at them for an extra week or two because I was struggling with them and then this past weekend they became easy. So stupid. I was fine with the fact that they were tough because that way I could stick with them. Get this:… Continue reading Running: The 8-Minute Interval