I've met someone. Her name is Patty and tonight when I received a message from her on Facebook saying she wanted to be my best friend, I actually found myself getting giggly and nervous. Some back story might help here. I first met Patty when she was my teacher for a Level 1 improv class… Continue reading Patty

The 30th Post on the 30th Day

Well I've made it. This post is officially my last in the challenge to write 30 times in 30 days. From the start I wanted to make it to this point but I wasn't always sure I would. I took on this task as a quick decision when I saw that a website was running… Continue reading The 30th Post on the 30th Day

Five Lists of Five Favorites

Here are five lists each consisting of my five favorite somethings. I'll try and do this as fast as possible to generate the most honest answers. Top 5 Movies: Trading Places Best In Show Muppets Take Manhattan Easy A The Count of Monte Cristo Top 5 Musical Artists Regina Spektor Rilo Kiley Paul Simon Lady… Continue reading Five Lists of Five Favorites

My First Lead

Tonight is opening night for the first show I am leading in. The rehearsal process has been grueling and educational but whether I am ready or not, tonight the lights come up on me. This is also the first show my mom will not be at. I still remember my very first show, at age… Continue reading My First Lead

A Few of The Scariest Things

My dog Piper is like a real live pet muppet: furry, sweet, big eyes and goofy tendencies. She is also a fearful little bugger and I'm not sure why. I got her as a puppy, raised her with love, trained her, challenged her on countless hikes and socialized her. A few years ago when I… Continue reading A Few of The Scariest Things


THIS IS MY 100th BLOG POST! To celebrate I wanted to do something special. I decided on a dance party to my favorite song the way I do each day when I'm alone. I can admit that showing this personal experience is nerve wracking, but I think if I'm really committed to making people laugh,… Continue reading 100

Brief Thoughts on a Lot of Topics

Yesterday I asked Facebook to generate some ideas for this blog. One of my friends gave me a single comment filled with many ideas. I will now use what came out of his mind and associate it with what then comes out of mine. There may be no rhyme or reason to any of this,… Continue reading Brief Thoughts on a Lot of Topics

My Neighbors

I live in a large renovated mill building containing well over one hundred apartments. The general feel of the people here is relaxed, the median age is probably 30 and most residents have a dog or two. There is a community room with a pool table, television, fireplace and seating that brings people together often.… Continue reading My Neighbors

Running: The 5-Minute Interval

So I've actually done it... I've gotten back into running. So silly. I still hate it. I want to love it so much and that is why I am keeping at it. When I'm through each day I feel so great that I did it or that I ran a little further than the last… Continue reading Running: The 5-Minute Interval


How can I be aware of all I have going for me and still lack confidence? There is a gaping void somewhere that I try to fill but cannot find. The thing I have discovered through much self-exploration is that I believe all the incredible things that people say about me, but I don't know… Continue reading Him