I am a huge advocate for New Year’s resolutions, I think they are a great way to make people feel capable of a fresh start. Sometimes however I find myself getting frustrated with the way people go about their resolutions. This idea of being better is great, but it often doesn’t stick and January One becomes a way for people to not have to make positive change any other time of year. To “resolve” something takes on a permanent meaning that has gotten lost in the Hallmark of New Year’s.

Losing weight; this is the big one right? As a member and advocate of the Weight Watchers program I think everyone should resolve to get their bodies to where they are happy. Everything comes together in life when you feel confident in taking care of yourself, the ripple effect is incredible. My issue with this stems not from the resolution itself but rather from the timing of it. Every year I dread my Weight Watcher meetings in January when there are lines out the door, no empty seats and people asking questions like, “what’s a point mean?” I wouldn’t mind it so much if not for the fact that three weeks later the seats go back to being half filled and the resolutioners who made me wait in line for an extra 10 minutes while they asked about e-tools weren’t gone. It’s predictable because if someone is losing weight because of the calendar date, they aren’t usually really ready.

This year I lost a pound both Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks, and it’s not a brag, but commitment is solidified when making good choices in the times that they aren’t as easy to make. So come January first, I still encourage this resolution, but as a life change, not a crash diet. I tire of hearing all holiday season, “it’s the holidays, do whatever and start being good again after the new year”. If there is knowledge of poor choices why make them?

I don’t want to be preachy, but I just was anyways huh? One of my resolutions will be to be less preachy; that way in three weeks I can go back to the know-it-all I am today. It’s a good plan.



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