I love Pigeons, so much. I have heard many negative descriptors in reference to the humble Pigeon; most often they are called “flying rats”. People say that they are pests or the more pretentious offenders will go on and on about how in Europe they loiter in such large numbers that they are ruining cities and are… Continue reading Pigeons

Thoughts At 2:30- 4

Life is intense huh? Sometimes things happen and it's all bigger than I am equipped for. Today at 2:30 I am furiously cleaning because that is something I have control over and I need to reclaim my environment in a positive way. I feel truly proud of myself for how I am handling the day.… Continue reading Thoughts At 2:30- 4

Thoughts At 2:30- 3

I have worked nearly every day at one of my many bar tending jobs for the last few weeks. I have a much larger post in the works for bar etiquette and how to treat service workers in general. In the meantime, based on the past week here are a few quick tips worth noting… Continue reading Thoughts At 2:30- 3

Thoughts At 2:30- 2

"Take care of yourself" Loved ones and friends say this as fluidly as "goodbye" or "talk to you later" but I never really heard it as something different until today. For whatever reason, this morning when it was said to me I realized I'm not taking care of myself; and I should be. Those four… Continue reading Thoughts At 2:30- 2

Thoughts At 2:30 – 1

So I'm obviously behind on my  31 posts in 31 days goal, but I'm still determined to do it. So today I came up with an idea to help. Two-thirty is the time almost every day when I am free, so I will write a brief post about my thoughts for the day at 2:30… Continue reading Thoughts At 2:30 – 1

The Beast Of Adulthood

Being an adult is hard. I feel like my responsibilities are a game of whack a mole, always hitting one while three more pop up. Feelings of tension and suspense are held throughout my body because there are so many things that people never talk about and that spring up on me like a creepy… Continue reading The Beast Of Adulthood

Year One

One year ago today I wrote about my mother's passing on day one. Looking back I see that much has changed but the missing her has not lessened. My Uncle Michael said to my Aunt, "The hole in your heart will never go away, but over time it will hurt less to touch it". I'm… Continue reading Year One

The Night Before

One year ago right now I was home. I was getting ready for bed knowing that I might wake up in a world where my mother wasn't alive. A part of me was hoping it would happen in the night so I wouldn't have to sit in hospice watching her in a state I knew… Continue reading The Night Before

Thirty-One Posts

Last year in the month of November I committed to writing thirty blog entries in thirty days. This was admittedly a way to give myself a jump after the death of my mother in October. This year, with the anniversary of this loss looming, I'm starting the new challenge of writing thirty-one posts in a… Continue reading Thirty-One Posts


My mother died. Everyone knows. I say it to people I've only known a short while because it is so a part of my reality I feel it's impossible to hold it in. I make people uncomfortable by blurting it out in a conversation about groceries or the weather or their dog. Everything makes me… Continue reading Grief.