Thoughts At 2:30 – 1

So I’m obviously behind on my  31 posts in 31 days goal, but I’m still determined to do it. So today I came up with an idea to help. Two-thirty is the time almost every day when I am free, so I will write a brief post about my thoughts for the day at 2:30 every day for the rest of the month.

This is also a good plan because I find 2:30 to be the exact time each day that my brain is at it’s slowest. Perhaps this will provide me with a reason to jump start those lagging cranial cells.

Today I spent the whole morning and early afternoon in a hospital waiting room with my Grandmother for a minor surgical procedure. This of course had me thinking a lot about what each individual person in the waiting area must be dealing with. Nobody is in this hospital for a routine check up, they all have something major going on for themselves or a loved one. More than that, none of these people want to be there. So for each filled seat in that sad windowless room, I felt worry, fear, grief and sadness.

It makes some of the trivial day to day stuff seem okay right? I would never want to discredit people’s day to day trials and tribulations, but it’s sunny and warm out today and I was in the hospital for someone else who is doing well for the most part. So at least for the rest of the day I will try to keep that in my mind for perspective. I will also send out a big burst of super Ninja Squee sunshine energy for anyone who is sitting in a hospital waiting room because I know it’s tough and I hope there is good on the horizon.

This is Ninja Squee; she loves everyone.
This is Ninja Squee; she loves everyone.

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