Thoughts At 2:30- 3

I have worked nearly every day at one of my many bar tending jobs for the last few weeks. I have a much larger post in the works for bar etiquette and how to treat service workers in general. In the meantime, based on the past week here are a few quick tips worth noting for anyone who plans to go out:

  • I am super nice… you should be too. Just think, if we both stay on this page together, we might become best friends.
  • If you don’t like anything on the menu, eat elsewhere. Seriously, there are so many options available in this big beautiful world today. Also, no our mac and cheese is not Kraft, I assume you could have just made that at home. No? WHY ARE YOU HERE?!?!
  • The kitchen closes at eleven and if you want me to jump back there and play cook now that the actual chef has gone home who will serve you drinks? Think this one fully through. Plus, I know I am amazing and talented and I appreciate that you think me to be fully capable of jumping between positions, but I am not trained to cook this menu. Do you now how to perform all of the job tasks of every different position in your field? Good for you if you can, you deserve a raise.
  • Please don’t go on and on about how incredible I am and then tip me 13%. If you are going to tip crappy, fine I can’t fix your insensitivity, but you are not required to compliment and then confuse me by saying one thing and then doing another.

I honestly have so much more to say on all of this, a giant rant is on the way. I was told when I first started bar tending that my overall love of people would diminish. I’m sad to say that this is true, but I still love people more than I loathe them; I’m trying to hold on to that, so please help out.

I love my job, I really do.
I love my job, I really do.

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