Look Forward To…?

When we are young there are milestones that we look forward to years ahead of time. The first big privilege is getting your drivers license. In my home state the law allows someone who is 15 and 10 months to start drivers ed and at 16 you can get a learners permit. I wasn't going… Continue reading Look Forward To…?

The DaVinci Theory

I have a theory that I formulated my sophomore year in college and ever since it has proven accurate time and time again. It all started with the ice breakers used on the first day of classes each semester. In one of my lit classes we went around the room saying our name, where we… Continue reading The DaVinci Theory

I Swear I Don’t Have an Eating Disorder

I genuinely care about how I look, yes. I've always been somewhat thin naturally, but when I went away to college I blew right through the freshman 15 straight to 50. Since then I've put in the work through healthy eating and exercise to stay trim, but along the way I have had to catch… Continue reading I Swear I Don’t Have an Eating Disorder

Just A Reminder

I currently have a lot on my plate because I want to accomplish so many things and I know what I can achieve if I give it my all; but I need to learn to be a lot less hard on myself when things aren't perfect. I didn't write a blog post yesterday and I've been… Continue reading Just A Reminder


I'm sure I've mentioned previously that I love reality television. It is my guilty pleasure and the trashier the show the better. Something about seeing crazy peoples lives play out that makes me feel like my own life is normal. It is alright that I have some issues in my life, because at least I'm… Continue reading Identifiers

Find Your Bliss

We all have our obsessions in life, some more severe than others. I myself have several vices and I think shoes are at the top of the list (followed by Lady Gaga and crappy reality television). Recently I lined up and counted all my shoes with some friends and turns out I had 93 pairs.… Continue reading Find Your Bliss

A step forward

I know I'm supposed to be attempting humor here, but today has been a big day for me and I felt the need to type some things out for myself. I have been acting as a hobby for years now. I basically grew up in the theatre with my grandmother and mother both involved in… Continue reading A step forward

I’m not crazy, I’m probably brilliant

I remember a dream I had when I was 7 and in the dream it was my birthday and I got a ton of amazing gifts. When I woke up I actually took a second to look around my room to find the gifts and realized it was all a dream. I may or may… Continue reading I’m not crazy, I’m probably brilliant


So my new years resolution this year is to write in this blog every day. This got me thinking about resolutions and I came up with 3 things I resolve NOT to do this year. 1. Crop dust in a quiet room This went badly for me in 2011 when an SBD (oh, look it… Continue reading Resolutions