Just A Reminder

I currently have a lot on my plate because I want to accomplish so many things and I know what I can achieve if I give it my all; but I need to learn to be a lot less hard on myself when things aren’t perfect. I didn’t write a blog post yesterday and I’ve been beating myself up today thinking I should write something and back date it so I can keep up the pace. I was angry with myself for missing a day and feeling like everyone who was waiting for me to fail was laughing, so that kept me from this computer all morning. I decided for this post I don’t have to be funny, I just have to write it. Then tonight I will write again and be back on track.

See, it isn’t about not being able to do everything I promised I would do, it’s about making sure when I miss something, I don’t let the negativity stop me in my tracks. The reason I didn’t post yesterday was because I was getting paid by my job to run an event; an event that ended up being hugely successful. When it was all over I was exhausted, but only because I had given it everything I had. So why am I being so cruel to myself today, isn’t that a good thing?

I want to learn to be funny, but today I am learning to love myself for everything I am and trying to let go of what I mess up, because I’m capable of so much if I just keep working.

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