The Cheese That Makes The Man – Part 1

For as long as I can remember I have had a ritual on first dates that helps me figure out if a guy is right for me or not. I ask what his favorite cheese is. My truth is, out of zillions of cheeses worldwide, there is only one wrong answer they can give me… Continue reading The Cheese That Makes The Man – Part 1

Don’t Ask Dumb Questions

So a few years ago I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and underwent treatment. I can assure you that process is filled with comedic gold, but it's not what I'm here to talk about tonight. I simply want to vent a tiny bit about the form I now have to fill out when I get… Continue reading Don’t Ask Dumb Questions

What I Did For Love: A Tale Of One Kitty

My cat Pooter is on Prozac for severe anxiety... I could list a whole bunch of reasons why this isn't my fault and some of them might even sound valid, but it's like misbehaving children; it's always the parents fault. Pooter is a fiercely independent cat and I don't say that lightly because he spends… Continue reading What I Did For Love: A Tale Of One Kitty

When All Ideas Fail…

I'm actually so exhausted and weary that I went to a blog generator website tonight. I should maybe feel ashamed, but once I saw what they were giving me, I'm actually pretty bummed I didn't find these magical tools sooner. At first I made a pact with myself that I would write about the first… Continue reading When All Ideas Fail…

Tolkien Resolutions Part Two — Villains

So after I wrote the post yesterday about resolutions inspired by Tolkien creations, I received a few comments and texts from friends asking me about some of their favorites I had forgotten to mention. When I looked closer at the list of suggested characters I noticed a common theme throughout -- they were all bad… Continue reading Tolkien Resolutions Part Two — Villains

Tolkien Resolutions For 2013

I resolved to write in my blog every day this week. What does it say about me that my goal was a week long instead of committing to something for the year? Does it say lazy or am I so realistic that I'm actually a super genius because I'm setting myself up for success? Last… Continue reading Tolkien Resolutions For 2013