A Tougher Night

Some moments the feeling just creeps up on me. The knowledge that she is gone is always there, but it is not as often that I allow myself to realize the loss. When I can no longer keep it at bay and it hits me, it feels like all the air gets pulled from my… Continue reading A Tougher Night

Are You Ready For Some Football?

It is Saturday night, which for a pigskin lover such as myself means that I am only one night of sleep away from Sunday football. I play fantasy football with some friends and I'm not great at picking winners, so I have decided on a new strategy. I will predict the winning teams based on… Continue reading Are You Ready For Some Football?

Lessons in Kitty Prozac

My cat Pooter is on Prozac, which I believe I have discussed on here before. This is my tale of getting said medicine into his tiny cat body. Here is a summary of Pooter the cat- He wears a tuxedo and white boots at all times thus convincing me that I am underdressed in my… Continue reading Lessons in Kitty Prozac

Inside the Actor’s Studio: Samantha

So James Lipton asks all of his guests the same 10 questions on Inside the Actor's Studio. Since I will most likely never be on that show and I think they are great questions, here are my answers: What is your favorite word? - Loquacious; it means to talk freely or excessively. I love the… Continue reading Inside the Actor’s Studio: Samantha

Things Found In My Trunk

Writing a blog means really putting myself out there, right? Being real and facing judgement, scrutiny and opinions that I might not like. Yet, in spite of all that I am committed and I think it is important to show my really crazy side sometimes, because she's funny and wacky and I like her even… Continue reading Things Found In My Trunk

Fanciful Happy List

So far this week has been hectic, stressful, emotional and overall just plain rough. I refuse to be taken down, so here is a list of some random things that make me insanely happy: When the produce sprinklers at the grocery store make thunder sounds before they turn on. Brilliant. Normal sized foods in tiny… Continue reading Fanciful Happy List

Restaurant Specials

One of the most uncomfortable occurrences I encounter is when a waiter is reciting the specials to me in a restaurant. I never know where to look. The server is always looking from person to person at the table, as is reasonable. I have to make eye contact when their eyes get around to me,… Continue reading Restaurant Specials


I see things all the time that I feel are absurd. Maybe it is because there are a lot of cuckoo things in this world, or perhaps my mind is just wired to constantly be on the lookout for oddities. Either way, I will share with you the unimportant, but silly things I noticed on… Continue reading Absurdities


Since the passing of my mother, one of my newfound sources of happiness comes from checking my mail. The tiny metal door with my apartment number on it has become a portal for words of comfort, support and love. I was not raised in a family that believed much in sending cards; we weren't against… Continue reading NOccasions


I absolutely love pillows. I know that it seems either obvious or strange to make a statement like that, but I just find so much joy in them. I think the pillows on a person's bed say a lot about them. For example, mine are: well used floppy soft numerous The idea that they are… Continue reading Pillows