What I’m Thankful For

Here are some of the things I'm Thankful for in 2013: Grilled english muffins. The artist formerly known as Prince being currently known as Prince; it's easier. Wicking fabrics. My computer still trying to autocorrect the word "twerk" because it doesn't know it. Colorful tights. Finally learning all the words to "The Humpty Dance". Bamboo… Continue reading What I’m Thankful For

Magical Thanksgiving Masterpiece

I don't know who has been on Google today (Thanksgiving) but there is a little teepee with a play button in the middle. Press that button. If you do the most wonderful thing ever will happen for you. For those who cannot find it because it is past the day I will explain. A video… Continue reading Magical Thanksgiving Masterpiece

Onion Fingers

My fingers smell like onions; I have washed them 5 times since the problem began 6 hours ago. I have used my ever reliable trick of rubbing them on stainless steel and experimented with multiple soaps to no avail. I have this thing where I constantly sniff at my hands when they smell like onion.… Continue reading Onion Fingers

Are You A Hipster?

New lingo has added the term "hipster" to our repertoire and it gets very overused. One of the major traits of a hipster is the idea that they haveĀ an attitude that defies what is currently trendy. This means that they liked a band before it was popular or discovered a fashion craze before it was… Continue reading Are You A Hipster?

Drunk On Power

This is my story about finding power and relevance in the cyber world and how it led me to insanity. Last year I tried to acquire the web domain learningtobefunny.com and failed. It was owned by someone else and I spent a lot of time, energy and money in an attempt to obtain it from… Continue reading Drunk On Power

Hate The Hobbit Movies? No.

I don't care if the entire movie going world hates the Hobbit movies; I love them. I realize only one of the three total has been released, but I already know that when the others come out I will be deliriously happy. For me, Peter Jackson's entire Tolkien movie endeavor is wonderful. I watch and… Continue reading Hate The Hobbit Movies? No.

Bad Post…?

Thirty posts in thirty days is a tall order. I find myself hitting a point where each day I either don't have anything to write about or I'm out of fuel to find the words for a chosen topic. I think the key here must be pushing through all of that. People keep saying, "Just… Continue reading Bad Post…?

I’m Weird & That’s Okay

If I could spend an afternoon eating pudding with Gandalf the White I would be happy forever. I think that LeSueur Peas cold and straight out of the can taste like tiny green balls of heaven on a spoon. Writing in blue ink makes me angry, but purple ink is beautiful and makes everything I… Continue reading I’m Weird & That’s Okay

Is Snapchat Relevant?

Snapchat is everywhere. I was recently working on a musical that had dozens of high school aged kids whom I saw sending these photo messages incessantly. The concept should be perfect, an app that allows you to send pictures that people cannot save and automatically disappear forever after the set number of seconds. Tweens everywhere… Continue reading Is Snapchat Relevant?

An Ode To Milk

On my phone I have a running list of blog ideas for nights such as this when I have no idea what to write. Scrolling back through years worth of undeveloped posts I sometimes come across phrases that no longer make sense. Perhaps I was drunk, tired or silly when I birthed the concept and… Continue reading An Ode To Milk