Fanciful Happy List

So far this week has been hectic, stressful, emotional and overall just plain rough. I refuse to be taken down, so here is a list of some random things that make me insanely happy:

  1. When the produce sprinklers at the grocery store make thunder sounds before they turn on. Brilliant.
  2. Normal sized foods in tiny cute versions (i.e. mini potatoes, clementines, individual pies, quail eggs, etc.)
  3. Oversized blankets; a king sized throw on the sofa engulfs me in warm.
  4. Finding a burrito restaurant that has drive through. Revolutionary.
  5. Baked macaroni and cheese… obviously.
  6. When my cat Ninja Squee wakes me up by licking my nose.
  7. When my dog Piper reliably greets me at the door with her impressive butt wiggle.
  8. When my cat Pooter takes showers with me (yes I have a lot of pets… that could be it’s own thing on this list)
  9. Opossums; they are supremely underrated.
  10. Pigeons; they are so on their neck game.
  11. All of Muppets Pandora but most specifically the frequency of their playing versions of “Mahna Mahna”, Bert and Ernie singing “Dance Myself to Sleep” and  the all chicken version of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You”. I almost know all the clucks… I’ll get it soon.
  12. Going to the movie channels to watch something while I fall asleep and any Tolkien/Jackson film is on.
  13. Well prepared tofu.
  14. Puppet or animated films in theaters (if you even say the word Muppet around me, you have my full attention).
  15. The “walking man” on street walk lights. He is a man on a mission and he is always giving me good news.
  16. Finding new friends who share the interest of playing board games, going to the zoo or eating too much at Indian buffets (there aren’t enough of us for me to have companions for these things).
  17. A package coming in the mail once I’ve forgotten what I ordered so it’s like a surprise I am giving myself!
  18. Accidental exercise.
  19. The number 19; it is so sassy and irregular.

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