Running: The 5-Minute Interval

So I’ve actually done it… I’ve gotten back into running. So silly.

I still hate it.

I want to love it so much and that is why I am keeping at it. When I’m through each day I feel so great that I did it or that I ran a little further than the last time and I am on top of the world. The problem comes in during the run itself. I use a program that tells me when to start and stop running or notifies me when I’m halfway through and I’m starting to loathe that women. She’s always telling me what to do, “start running” or mocking me with her, “you are halfway”. Just the way that she says it tells me everything I need to know about her, and she is a real bitch.

In this program I am using I run in timed intervals between periods of walking and over the weeks I build up time running. This week I made the jump from three minutes to five and I think this may be the hardest interval jump (I leave open the possibility that I will say that at each new longer time span). The reason being that I started at 60 seconds, went to 90 seconds and then to three minutes. Each boost was a little tough but all those lengths of time are short enough that I can always see the end. It is amazing how quickly 60 seconds flies by and to add another 30 seconds on to that I can just push through. Three minutes is about the length of a song so I always know I just have to get to the end of the music.

Something about five minutes where I realize that when I hear “start running” I am going to be doing this longer than I can realistically count for and past the end of the now playing song. Any amount of running past this crucial point is all the same… just long.

I’ll check back in next week when I jump to eight minutes and then two days later to 20 minutes; because that is a reasonable leap.

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