You all know a few overachievers. Maybe you went to high school with them and now you follow their adventures on Facebook or maybe it's a family member you can't stop hearing about. Either way... don't they piss you off? I think I'm doing a fair amount with my life right now, I write daily… Continue reading Overachievers

Ugh… Ugg

I can't believe I've been writing for 29 days now and I haven't addressed a major problem I have in our society... Ugg boots. I guess this picture falls into the category of jumping off a bridge because your friends are doing it. These boots are the fashion equivalent to hurling your body from a… Continue reading Ugh… Ugg

Digging For Gold

Someone very wise said to me recently, "It's not a coincidence that our fingers are just the right size to fit in our nose." Truer words have never been spoken. You all pick your nose, at least once in a while, even if you are the type who uses a tissue to avoid direct booger… Continue reading Digging For Gold

Look Forward To…?

When we are young there are milestones that we look forward to years ahead of time. The first big privilege is getting your drivers license. In my home state the law allows someone who is 15 and 10 months to start drivers ed and at 16 you can get a learners permit. I wasn't going… Continue reading Look Forward To…?

The DaVinci Theory

I have a theory that I formulated my sophomore year in college and ever since it has proven accurate time and time again. It all started with the ice breakers used on the first day of classes each semester. In one of my lit classes we went around the room saying our name, where we… Continue reading The DaVinci Theory

The Perils of Public Restrooms

Whenever I use public restrooms I notice my anxiety is heightened and not for the reasons you might think. I'm not a germaphobe and I don't care how many tushies have touched the seat, rather my issue is with other people hearing me while I go. I think we all feel this way to some degree… Continue reading The Perils of Public Restrooms

I Swear I Don’t Have an Eating Disorder

I genuinely care about how I look, yes. I've always been somewhat thin naturally, but when I went away to college I blew right through the freshman 15 straight to 50. Since then I've put in the work through healthy eating and exercise to stay trim, but along the way I have had to catch… Continue reading I Swear I Don’t Have an Eating Disorder

Just A Reminder

I currently have a lot on my plate because I want to accomplish so many things and I know what I can achieve if I give it my all; but I need to learn to be a lot less hard on myself when things aren't perfect. I didn't write a blog post yesterday and I've been… Continue reading Just A Reminder

Conserving Water is Stressful

I own a five minute shower timer that sticks to my bathroom wall. I am pretty sure it is making my showers longer. Who can take a five minute shower? I know it's possible, but are these people really clean? In five minutes, when I don't dilly-dally at all, I can shampoo once (and I… Continue reading Conserving Water is Stressful

Culinary Perfection

Thanks to some friends of mine, I have recently gotten into utilizing hot sauce for my food. Turns out it is pretty much delicious on anything, and more than that, it makes everything taste better. I have bought all kinds of interesting hot sauces from the different markets I go to and they each have… Continue reading Culinary Perfection