I'm sure I've mentioned previously that I love reality television. It is my guilty pleasure and the trashier the show the better. Something about seeing crazy peoples lives play out that makes me feel like my own life is normal. It is alright that I have some issues in my life, because at least I'm… Continue reading Identifiers

By All Means… Make Us Lazier

While walking through the Warwick Mall the other day I came across this upsetting sign:  Really!?! Seriously? Are we, as a country, really in any position to be deterring people from exercising? This takes it to a whole new level; forget exercising, we are now telling people to not even move for everyday activities. Next… Continue reading By All Means… Make Us Lazier

The Frantic Mindset of a Self Serve Gal

I very rarely go to full service gas stations. I’m not sure if this is a service that people learn to utilize growing up or not, but my parents never used them so I assume that is why I never use them. Something about another human being pumping my gas for me… feels rude. I… Continue reading The Frantic Mindset of a Self Serve Gal

Find Your Bliss

We all have our obsessions in life, some more severe than others. I myself have several vices and I think shoes are at the top of the list (followed by Lady Gaga and crappy reality television). Recently I lined up and counted all my shoes with some friends and turns out I had 93 pairs.… Continue reading Find Your Bliss

I Should Have Taken the Stairs

Today, while shopping at the mall I came across a devastating sight... the escalators were stopped. In my normal goings on for the average day I try to take the stairs. I often force myself to get in that extra little bit of cardio so I can later justify sitting on my ass, watching The… Continue reading I Should Have Taken the Stairs

Magic Pink Medicine

I feel that Pepto Bismol is the cure for everything. I'm like the strict greek father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding who believes that Windex is a cure all. I think part of the reason I love it so much is that it is a pretty color, but also, who likes diarrhea? Very few… Continue reading Magic Pink Medicine


Up until recently, I flossed my teeth four days a year; the two days before each of my biannual dentist appointments. Something in my head always went off 48 hours before the appointment, it's like an alarm goes off, "Oh crap, if I don't floss a lot today Dr. Page is going to know I… Continue reading Flossing

The Wendy’s Diet

I was watching TV the other day when I forgot to fast forward and accidentally watched a commercial. Maybe it's a good thing I did because I haven't been keeping up with world news and I hadn't yet heard that the burger on the 99 cent menu at Wendy's now has more beef! I observed… Continue reading The Wendy’s Diet