You all know a few overachievers. Maybe you went to high school with them and now you follow their adventures on Facebook or maybe it’s a family member you can’t stop hearing about. Either way… don’t they piss you off?

I think I’m doing a fair amount with my life right now, I write daily in this blog (which you all hear about WAY too much if you are talking to me), I intern for a magazine publication company who I also freelance as a writer and event coordinator for, I am stage managing a show, acting in an upcoming show and auditioning for another show as well as writing a stand up comedy routine and spending time with friends. It is safe to say that I’m not doing nothing; I seem to have plans every single second and I’m getting tired.

So how do people do it? I know people my age who are traveling the world, saving starving children, they speak five languages, have four degrees etc; but where did this time and energy come from?

It’s not that I don’t look up to these people, I really do. Yet, a part of me thinks it is possible that they are doing all this just to make me feel bad about myself. They can not possibly enjoy all the rewards that come from a life of constant achievement, it happens too quickly and I think the pride must be diluted by the frequency of their success. I need them to stop though because it is making me feel like I have to do more and I don’t like it one bit.

I only speak one language fluently (unless I am allowed to count pig latin), I’ve traveled a little, but never on the western hemisphere, I don’t play any instruments (again, unless I can count the triangle because I’m awesome at that) and when discussing real world politics I would probably reference the season of The Real World in Denver where that guy got punched in the face (because I have no idea who Ron Paul is other than his YouTube video). There must be some reasonable limit to how much a human can take in by a certain age.

All I can hope is that someone else who knows me sees how much I am doing and feels like I am successful. Then some day if I’m really doing it all I may even get a friend to think, “Wow, she does a lot… that bitch.”

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