Drunk On Power

This is my story about finding power and relevance in the cyber world and how it led me to insanity.

Last year I tried to acquire the web domain learningtobefunny.com and failed. It was owned by someone else and I spent a lot of time, energy and money in an attempt to obtain it from said mystery person to no avail. I gave up and purchased my full name as a domain instead to feel some sense of belonging in this technological world. People told me that my name would be easier to tell people as a website and that I should just let go of my blogs namesake as an internet address. Maybe it was less satisfying because my name was readily available to purchase and it all happened so fast. I wanted what I couldn’t have, and that is not like me.

Recently, while enjoying a Greek salad at Panera I noticed a banner on my blog asking me if I wanted to own learningtobefunny.com. I had seen this banner before and it had always offered me learningtobefunny.me as a pathetic alternative so I was used to ignoring it. Yet, on this magical day, in the midst of my feta cheese and free apple, my domain name was finally free. I instantly bought it and felt more accomplished than I had in some time. All of a sudden the world was full of so many possibilities.

I can’t explain what happened to me that day, but I really got my act together all around. It was as though my new webpage was a baby and I didn’t want to let it down. I wanted to do it proud and be the kind of woman who has her own site.

I looked into web servers who could help me design an impressive spread and found one I really liked the functionality of. When I finished signing up with them a tiny window appeared on my screen and said, “You qualify for a free domain with subscription. What domain would you like?”

I already had my name plus my creative brainchild, what more could I need? But there it was… free.

That day I became the master of the domain poopjokesandunlimitedhugs.com. I’m not at all sure what it will be yet, but it is mine.

Having the rights to three different web addresses has changed me. I’m an internet mogul now just trying to run what could be the greatest sites on the worldwide web. Yes two of the sites have nothing on them and the last is the same blog I ran through WordPress before, but that’s just for now. I now have the power to create sites with any content I desire. I could make a webpage comprised entirely of aardvarks or one that allowed people to share their findings on the bushiness of squirrel tails in their neighborhood. Watch out world, I’m moving fast.

I am the most powerful web sorceress of all time!
I am the most powerful web sorceress of all time!

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