Magical Thanksgiving Masterpiece

I don’t know who has been on Google today (Thanksgiving) but there is a little teepee with a play button in the middle.

Press that button. If you do the most wonderful thing ever will happen for you.

For those who cannot find it because it is past the day I will explain. A video will start where a raccoon and his unidentifiable furry friend exit the teepee carrying pies. That’s right, forest creatures carrying baked goods. Next, a bear with a pumpkin starts running off somewhere important and is followed by his buddies the fox, three mice carrying some corn and a turkey with a gourd (pure genius so far).

The food toting animals arrive at a picnic table and all share their goods when the fox becomes suddenly distressed. He is then struck with a flash of brilliance… play the banjo! The whole gang starts to dance with their original potluck dish and a miraculous party ensues.

I have no clue how Google will move forward as a company after this. They have now set the bar so high for creative content that they might have to end on a high note and disband. This cannot be topped; but if they do find a way to do better than this my brain will melt from sheer joy. It was a close call this time and I only wish I could somehow share the look on my face while I witnessed this (those who know me well can picture anytime I see a squirrel).

Thank you Google for starting my Turkey Day off right, you found all the things I love most and put them into one incredible clip.

Click here to view and prepare for everything that is happy…

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