Are You A Hipster?

New lingo has added the term “hipster” to our repertoire and it gets very overused. One of the major traits of a hipster is the idea that they have an attitude that defies what is currently trendy. This means that they liked a band before it was popular or discovered a fashion craze before it was in magazines and now that it is “mainstream” they are “over it”.

So the conundrum comes in when it has become trendy in itself to be a hipster. This poses the question, what would a true hipster answer for the question, “are you a hipster?”

If they answer that they are not a hipster this could be a clue that they are one because it is cool  to deny being something so popular. But now that the sly response is, “no way, I’m just me and I don’t like labels”, what if the elusive hipster is on to this and they switch things up? Now the forward thinking reply is to acknowledge that you are a hipster to show you won’t follow the trend of saying you aren’t one which was to originally cover up that you are one. Still with me?

I’m no longer able to distinguish who is and who is not. My finger would have to be constantly on the pulse of what is cooler, being a hipster or not being one and remember that the true hipster will give me the less fashionable response. But now I’m really getting dizzy, because if it is in vogue to admit to being one than a true hipster will be saying that he or she is not one. But what if someone really isn’t one and they just casually say they aren’t one? Are they now one because they gave the socially current retort? Or what if we jump ahead to when it circles back around to being correct to admitting to being one, when does that cycle back? Is it the moment that a non hipster claims to be one so now it’s being stated as a trend? Or would the occurrence of a non-hipster staking claim as one be so uncool that it would then be cool again to hold the title?

I’ve been described in such terms myself but I don’t know which answer to give when asked what I am.

I think I am a hipster…? Ugh, I don’t know; I hate it.

I'll bet you have something interesting to say about this... do tell!

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