Bad Post…?

Thirty posts in thirty days is a tall order. I find myself hitting a point where each day I either don’t have anything to write about or I’m out of fuel to find the words for a chosen topic. I think the key here must be pushing through all of that.

People keep saying, “Just write anything, it doesn’t all have to be good, you just have to keep writing.” It’s not that I disagree, but it is so hard for me to hit publish on the days when I don’t feel proud of what I’ve written. I feel this icky twinge in the pit of my stomach when someone tells me they read my blog that day and I think, “Damn, I wish the post on my homepage had been something better.” or, “What if they hated it, think I’m terrible and never read my stuff again?!”

I guess it could happen that way; but in reality I need to try harder to believe in myself and that all this torturous creating will lead to something bigger. Someday I’ll have a really big idea or many of them and I’ll have the skill, confidence and experience to put it into just the right words. More than anything I need to just show myself that nothing can stop me from reaching this goal. On day thirty I’m sure I will say it was easy and that I have a handle on the habit, but there will always be another day of writer’s block. I am finding the benefits in writing bad posts, learning from them and moving on quickly; so that is truly valuable.

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