Honestly, to all the Facebook users out there, do me a favor… stop with the whining.

Remember when the News Feed feature was added and every single one of you complained (IN YOUR FACEBOOK STATUS) that you thought the feature was for stalkers. Now we all spend obscene amounts of time scrolling through and reading what everyone else is doing. I know how it feels when that screen won’t load, panic; we can’t imagine the site without a news feed. Next up was the new layout and there were groups created (ON FACEBOOK) saying “Join this group if you hate the new layout” or “If we can get 1 million members to boycott the new design, Mark Zuckerburg agrees to leave Facebook the same and tattoo a monkey on his bicep”. Even worse are the people who post (ON FACEBOOK) that they don’t understand the new layout or their privacy is now somehow in jeopardy so they aren’t going the use the site anymore… I’ll believe it when I no longer have to read your crappy updates; by all means, what is stopping you?

Every time the site changes I have to spend a full week waiting for all my friends to come onto their homepage, discover the change, then post a paragraph about how it has ruined their day. Wouldn’t your time be better spent just learning the changes and exploring the new features? I have to be really frank here, those status updates are not only uninteresting but they make you seem cantankerous and close-minded. A few years ago you were the same people who were saying you would never have a profile on the site because it was dumb.

I have to trust that the programmers at headquarters aren’t sitting there shouting across the room in their wheelie chairs, “Hey Larry, I just added a new menu screen that’s really going to throw them for a loop!”. The success of the website is based on people wanting to spend time on it, so it is safe to say they are just trying to improve.

I think it is a bad sign that we as a community are proving the conditioning theory wrong. After this many changes to Facebook, we should just know that we will eventually get used to the differences and actually like them. I love the news feed and I think the new timeline feature is really nice, wonderful even. I got to look back over some years that were very emotional for me and see how far I’ve come; the new layout makes that a lot easier. I came up with the idea for this post because I was on my page and saw three different status updates that bitched about timeline.

Okay then, you are right, the ideas that Zuckerburg and his team have are lame and they have yet to prove themselves; they don’t know what the people want. So you design a social networking revolution. Go ahead, if you have this many ideas why not make the most of them?

I know change is hard, I understand and I’m here for all of you through these difficult times; but for the love of pooh bear, can’t we find something better to be enraged about? I for one am really angry that there are still places that don’t recycle cardboard.

I'll bet you have something interesting to say about this... do tell!

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