True tales of a moron

The return policy for live fish at Petco is that if it dies within 30 days you can bring it back to the store, accompanied by a water sample. If the water test show that the tank is healthy they give you a new fish. This isn't complicated, but in my two years working there… Continue reading True tales of a moron


I have a serious problem with Walmart. I don't think my problem is similar to why many people really hate the chain, my issue is less with the giant corporation eating up tiny businesses (although that does upset me) and more with the people I am forced into contact with when I'm there. I avoid… Continue reading Walmart

A step forward

I know I'm supposed to be attempting humor here, but today has been a big day for me and I felt the need to type some things out for myself. I have been acting as a hobby for years now. I basically grew up in the theatre with my grandmother and mother both involved in… Continue reading A step forward

I’m not crazy, I’m probably brilliant

I remember a dream I had when I was 7 and in the dream it was my birthday and I got a ton of amazing gifts. When I woke up I actually took a second to look around my room to find the gifts and realized it was all a dream. I may or may… Continue reading I’m not crazy, I’m probably brilliant

The Art of Burrito

One of my favorite foods is burritos. Creating the perfect burrito is an art form and if you get an amateur, it can really mess up the day. From poor service to your classic case of stupidity, here are some examples of the worst kinds of burrito technicians: 1. The New Guy The new guy… Continue reading The Art of Burrito


So my new years resolution this year is to write in this blog every day. This got me thinking about resolutions and I came up with 3 things I resolve NOT to do this year. 1. Crop dust in a quiet room This went badly for me in 2011 when an SBD (oh, look it… Continue reading Resolutions

Running on Empty

I have completely run out of gas in my car two times in my life. This may not seem like a lot to some of you, but I've only been a licensed driver for 9 years, so that's not a great statistic; for others, I'm sure that number seems staggering. I think the first time… Continue reading Running on Empty

Pooter Pees

My cat Pooter is very intelligent. I'm sure anyone who has a cat can say the same, as they all tend to be smart in their own way, but I've had cats my whole life and he is by far the smartest. I was hoping he would grow up and use his brains for good… Continue reading Pooter Pees