What is it about being in the car that makes us feel at ease about what should be private behaviors? I've already discussed the shocking number of people who I have witnessed picking their nose behind the wheel (although they would all deny it), but even I am guilty of far more than the occasional… Continue reading Busted

More on Burritos

I can always talk more about burritos because I love them and I think at this point I'm eating them 3-5 times a week, which for any one type of food is excessive. In my previous post about the art burrito crafting I left one one type of worker who I encountered the other day.… Continue reading More on Burritos

The Dreaded SSS: Part II

So can you believe that this morning while enjoying my breakfast at my favorite diner a couple came in and sat beside each other in their booth? Did they not read my previous rant? If they are still choosing to display SSS behavior because they hadn't read my post about it yet, that is just… Continue reading The Dreaded SSS: Part II

The Dreaded SSS

I consider myself a very affectionate person and I have always participated in public displays of affection that I'm sure made the cynics of the world squirm. Yet, even though I crave romance and I'm always rooting for love there is one thing I can just never get on board with— couples who sit on… Continue reading The Dreaded SSS

The World is Your Trash Recepticle

While we are on the subject of driving, I feel I should address those of you who keep a messy car. I take no issue with someone wanting to clutter their own space as I too have been known to let my back seat pile up. What I do have a problem with is when… Continue reading The World is Your Trash Recepticle

Kindly Get Out of My Way

I remember driver's ed like it was yesterday. For some reason I loved that class and I can still recall most of what I learned about the rules of the road; the little things like, who has the right of way at a 4-way stop sign or how to merge into a rotary. I'm guessing… Continue reading Kindly Get Out of My Way

Spreading The Love?

I think I hate Valentines day. Before you go getting upset, let me explain myself; I love Valentines day (no I'm not trying to contradict myself). What I hate are the people who bitch about the holiday and act like they are badass because they are rejecting the whole concept. You are not super cool, we… Continue reading Spreading The Love?

Things I Don’t Need In Bulk

I should say upfront that I adore BJ's Wholesale Club, I love a bargain and I love being able to get the foods that I want in large quantities so I never run out. Yet, while browsing the aisles recently I was struck by certain items that I felt were a little insane to buy… Continue reading Things I Don’t Need In Bulk

Celebrity Babies

While scrolling through today's entertainment news I came across freshly released photos of Mariah Carey's twins... Monroe and Moroccan. I couldn't make that up if I tried, they really named them that. While trying to figure out if that was enough fodder for todays post I scrolled to the next story about Beyonce and Jay-Z's newborn... wait for… Continue reading Celebrity Babies

I’m Just Saying…

Ok, I haven't talked about something on this blog yet because I was nervous that readers would judge me. I can't really get around it anymore because it is a problem that exists and with 325 days left for me to write this year I can't exactly avoid any topic. So I'll just get right… Continue reading I’m Just Saying…