More on Burritos

I can always talk more about burritos because I love them and I think at this point I’m eating them 3-5 times a week, which for any one type of food is excessive. In my previous post about the art burrito crafting I left one one type of worker who I encountered the other day. This type is about as rare as they come and if we were on a safari of Chipotle employees in the wild, this would be the big moment where everyone got out their cameras and shoved to see.

The Overzealous People Pleaser

This worker will strike up conversation immediately because they are looking to make their work day go by a little faster. In the case of the guy I met the other day, he had a heavy hand with rice and beans and was about to skimp on my chicken and pico when I politely asked if I could just have a little more, this was his big chance. Now he had an opportunity to keep me talking to him longer and show me how we were now best friends by filling my delicious mexican dinner with more chicken and pico than any one burrito can handle. Once he arrived at the extras portion of the line (salsa, sour cream, lettuce, cilantro, etc.) he stated, “I don’t use this stuff on my burritos so I have no idea about portions”… that would have been very clear even if he had not warned me. He then proceeded to douse the pile of rice, beans and chicken with an obscene quantity of each item (including a handful of fresh chopped cilantro, which he oddly treated like lettuce) and by the time we had reached the end of the line and I looked at what he had to now roll up into a tortilla and it felt like a challenge that we were in together. I gave a half-laugh and commented that it looked like it might not make it into its final burrito form and he assured me that I shouldn’t give up hope.

He clearly wanted to impress, and to his credit he almost even ended up with something that I might have been able to eat as a wrap is intended to be eaten, but not quite. While he managed to roll everything into the warm tortilla, if I had tried to pick it up at any time after that it would have been a catastrophe. I don’t recall if it was my idea or his to put the final product in a to-go bowl so I could just eat it with a knife and fork, but it all worked out in the end.

That is a penny at the top to use as a gauge for size...

The bad part of this story occurs once the burrito is home… I want to say I tried to stop myself from eating it all, because I did try,I just wasn’t successful. On weight watchers I count my burrito for a set number of points no matter what the size (which is exactly why I have an inappropriate meltdown if they skimp). I was like a puppy who just broke into the treat cabinet and I gorged myself. See, when you are constantly watching your proportions you are never able to realize that super-full bloated feeling that hurts so good and this was an opportunity I wasn’t going to miss. I must say, when you put a truck load of every ingredient, it all comes together quite beautifully. It was delicious and I still managed to lose weight this week, so I guess that means it was actually only 15 points… I hope I get that guy again next time.

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