The World is Your Trash Recepticle

While we are on the subject of driving, I feel I should address those of you who keep a messy car. I take no issue with someone wanting to clutter their own space as I too have been known to let my back seat pile up. What I do have a problem with is when you decide that you can’t take the mess anymore and you want to clean out your car and do so by throwing your trash out the window… you must be kidding.

Has Captain Planet and his gang of ethnically diverse preteens taught us nothing?!?! What is it about being in your car that you are suddenly exempt from normal social etiquette? If your office was a mess and you opened up the window and started throwing files onto the street people would think you had lost your mind. But oh, now you are in your vehicle and you can drive away from the crime scene so you can wash your hands of it, that’s reasonable. Maybe I will put my trash on your front lawn, I figure if you don’t see me do it and I run away really fast it is practically like it didn’t happen. Heck, I don’t care if your yard looks bad, I don’t have to look at it, right? Am I capturing your mindset accurately here or am I still missing something?

Also, the size of the trash does not deem it more or less trash-like, and I’m mostly referring to cigarette butts here. I think they are gross before you even open the pack, but once you’ve touched it and put it in your mouth it reaches a whole new level of horrible. I guess it makes sense, why would you want that nasty thing in your car, it might make things stink and look bad, therefore it belongs in nature. I have heard that planet earth has the capability to absorb used cigarettes and convert them into energy so clearly you are just supporting sustainability practices.

For those extra special pricks, taking the final sips of their super-sized McDonald’s soda and then tossing the giant empty cup directly out the window, I have to ask… are you for real? Now imagine you are at a restaurant and you finish your meal, would you just pick up your plate and throw it on the floor? Of course not, because at a restaurant there is someone being paid to clean up after you. Nobody deserves to be the person assigned to picking up your garbage, I don’t care if they are criminals and this is their community service. Imagine if we all stopped junking up our highways, we might be able to put those workers on a task that wasn’t the equivalent of being your personal butler.

Since this is a rather short post and I feel I have not fully gotten the message across, I will just let my all time favorite furry friend tell you what they think about your littering, maybe he can get you to take this more seriously… here.

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