5 Things to Do on the Day You Did Not Get Your Dream Job

1. Multi-task. It’s important to keep your head in the game and not let the rejection slow you down. By proving to yourself that you can stay busy and by showing off some of your talents and skill you are now a champion. Today I combined many activities that I had never before thought to, such as:

-Crying and laundry

-Crying and job hunting WHILE sending out resumes (I think my cover letters will come across particularly chipper).

-Crying and playing with the cat (this didn’t go as well, I think Pooter thinks I’m insane and is now even more committed to my demise)

We are never safe, he is always watching.

2. Talk to someone. Everyone is so supportive and helpful when times are tough. It’s great how many cliches friends and family have stored up for these situations. In being forced to interact with people around you who are trying to help, you realize that not getting this job might be a good thing because, as it turns out, you don’t really like dealing with others very much. It’s also nice to know that your failure is making some people on Facebook feel extra good because now their day doesn’t seem so bad. Good ol’ schadenfreude.

Personally, my therapist was a big help because I now know I’m not really even upset about not getting the job! HOORAY! What I’m really sad about is my entire childhood and every rejection I’ve ever been faced with and this is just a real life manifestation of all that… oh.

3. Burn off some steam. Exercise is a great way to let out the bad emotions, it releases serotonin in the brain and when done outside (like walking the dog) you take in some Vitamin D which helps with depression. I think the thing that benefitted me most though is that the guy in my building who always hits on me saw me cursing, throwing fists at the air and intermittently conversing with my dog for advice; it is safe to say he will now be leaving me alone. WOOT; I’m burning calories and problem solving at the same time!

4. Seek comfort in things you love. I’ve watched a lot of my DVR recordings from the Olympics today because there are few things I love more. It’s nice to see these hard working young men and women pushing themselves to their limit and achieving their goals. It also reminded me that out there in the world is a girl who got a call with a job offer on the other end of the line and she is fucking celebrating. Dreams DO come true.

I then watched some reality TV and witnessed contestants getting eliminated. This made me realize that they feel much worse than I do and they were rejected on National Television. I only have to be humiliated in front of the few people I told I was certain I had nailed the interview.

I had also decided to allow myself unlimited fruit snacks until midnight but that plan seems to be backfiring now that it feels like all those gummy bunnies are in my tummy rebelling against my intestines. Damn those sticky little buggers.

They are building their armies

5. Take it one day at a time and look to a better tomorrow… because if I’m not out of this funk by then I’m officially a giant baby and I’ll NEVER get hired.

6 thoughts on “5 Things to Do on the Day You Did Not Get Your Dream Job”

  1. Something I learned when I was a career counselor: “Celebrate – because every
    rejection brings you one closer to the job offer you want.” Love you – Grandma

  2. Sorry to hear about your bad day, Sam! I’ve had a couple of those days as well, and they are not fun. On the plus side, I love your blog posts and you def. have a future in writing if you keep at it! ❤ – Erin

  3. Samantha, I would totally agree with your grandmother and if you keep looking and pay attention to the coincidences that come your way you will find what you are supposed to be doing, even if you didn’t think about it. Good luck. Dad.

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