The Donald’s Approval

On CNN’s website today I saw the headline, “Romney Gets Trump’s Endorsement”.

Oh thank goodness, because everyone else he has endorsed has proven to be a real winner. There was that Miss USA contestant who he defended when some racy photos surfaced, but if Donald supported her, I’m sure she was a real gem. Joan Rivers was the last person standing on one of his seasons of The Apprentice, so I just know he has an eye for a winner.

What is great though is the headline just below the first one, under related headlines, said exactly what I was thinking… “Does Trump’s Endorsement Matter?” I’m glad that someone said it. By the way… the answer is no. Since when can someone like that even be a political candidate for the presidency? I know that Arnold won the gubernatorial race, but I don’t support us turning our favorite celebs into political figureheads, it messes with the system. I want my movie stars and millionaire entrepreneurs to stay where they are best, behind someone else who is getting paid to make the tough decisions for them.

I understand that Donald wasn’t going to win the candidacy himself after his debacle with Obama’s birth certificate, or was it that he has his own reality show? I think that is grounds to NOT elect someone (I’m talking to you Sarah Palin). It also could have been his hair line, it’s pretty bad… I wouldn’t vote for it just because I wouldn’t want to see his plugs on my HD TV every time there was a press conference, it’s just not meant for that. So we get why he was no longer in the running, there were so many reasons, but why does an eligible candidate suddenly need the Donald’s blessing?

Maybe our political system is like one big episode of The Apprentice and this is Trump’s way of saying that Romney is the winner of the weeks challenge. I can picture that for this endorsement Mitt had to raise funds dressed as a hot dog outside a New York restaurant, or maybe like Gary Busey he had to throw pepperoni up in the air and dance (it happened). I would vote for a man who was willing to throw italian meat around and sing about it, that shows real character.

Another man that Trump endorsed... just saying.

Dear Donald, I appreciate you standing behind a republican candidate other than yourself, it shows me that you are capable of pretending to be something other than a narcissist (you owe your publicist a raise); but please, go back to the business world. As long as you are in politics I can’t differentiate Fox News from prime time network shows and I’d hate to get caught up in thinking that Rick Santorum is a member of the blue team with Latoya Jackson and Jose Canseco, although maybe I could get on board with a campaign strategy that put Meatloaf on the team, he is constant entertainment.

This is the intensity of a winner

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